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Name Pull
Date 10/31/2016 Dimension 976 x 549(Width:976 Height:549)
Pixels 535824 Timestamp 1477906056
Size 0.07679M Md5 1477906056
Pull-up banner designTaking Liverpool's rich architectural heritage as inspiration for the visuals we created a striking set of pull-up banner designs featuring line illustrations of some of the City's most well known landmarks. View case study… Pull up banner standsPull up banner stands are a great, cost effective way of getting a message or brand across to an audience, with maximum impact and the added benefit of being portable and incredibly easy to put up and take down. View case study… Banner display designsHome bargains commissioned Parker Design to create a series of colourful banner display designs to accompany the Superlambananas on a UK tour of the Home Bargains stores.

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