Google again published top ten searches 2013,

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Name Google again published top ten searches 2013,
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Google has once again published its top ten searches of 2013, and this year the number one search term was Nelson Mandela.Check out the top 10 global searches of 2013: 1. Nelson Mandela2. Paul Walker3. iPhone 5S4. Cory Monteith5. Harlem Shake6. Boston Marathon7. Royal Baby8. Samsung Galaxy s49. PlayStation 410. North KoreaUnsurprisingly the number 1 trending search term was for the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Google stated the global search interest for Nelson Mandela was already high but after his passing millions turned to Google to learn more about him.Tragedies like the Boston Marathon and the passing of Paul Walker and Cory Monteith also captured the world’s attention.

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